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These 10 exercises are more effective than running

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It so happened that when people say that they added cardio to their workouts, in 90% of cases it means that they started running on the track or on the street. Although most people consider running as the father of all cardio exercises, but there are those who simply hate to run! I do not know why, but I always did not like to run, I thought it was very tedious and meaningless, so when it was time to add cardio to my training, I went through the Internet and found some very good exercises that not only replace running but also make it more interesting and tighten the body to burn more calories during exercise. By the way, all these exercises can be done quietly at home, and not go to the street or in the hall to properly sweat. Strength training is an exercise that is performed using all kinds of weighting agents, for example, dumbbells. Cardio workouts are activities aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. These include loads without additional weighting agents, such as aerobics, cycling, running and others. Power loads are well dispersed blood and improve metabolism in the body. At the same time, the metabolism remains elevated for a long time after the session. There is an opinion that with cardio training fat is burned much faster than with force. This statement is suitable for short and intense strength training, because it is an active burning of carbohydrates, and not fat. READ MORE: Happy couples do these 11 things before they go to sleep
#1. Burpees

#2. Plank Read

3. Squats


4. Push Ups

5.Jumping Jack


6. Frog Jump

7. Set0-Up

8. Lunges


10. Donkey Kicks

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