10 Genius Ideas That Would Make Life So Much Easier If They Were Implemented Everywhere

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Life comes with many complications, but some are much easier to tackle than others. This list of incredible ideas proves that we still have people who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box.

These ideas are so simple but so brilliant. Here are 30 genius ideas you won’t believe you didn’t think of sooner.

1. Wash your hands, then reuse that water when you next flush.

2. Clean up the beach for free coffee.

3. These lights from the Ukraine should be EVERYWHERE.

4. Now your dog can drink from the fountain, too.

5. This sign is so great.

6. These DIY parts are separated into steps instead of items.

7. This mountain finder in Switzerland is pure genius.

8. This mat stretches out to the water so those with wheelchairs and strollers can go, too.

9. This toothpaste explains what each ingredient does.

10. There is a call button 30 feet from the elevator doors so they will be open when you arrive.

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