10 Hilarious Ex’s Who Took Revenge To A Whole New Level

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Ever have one of those moments when you realize you’re with someone you probably don’t want to cross? Not that you’re thinking about crossing them, not that you’re pondering the possibility of walking away, but you’re suddenly struck by the notion that given the right circumstances, the love of your life might be very happy to put you through hell.

Granted, no one goes into a relationship thinking about how it might go south… but maybe some of us should.

Breakups ARE frequently messy, after all… and it doesn’t matter if you’re the one doing the leaving or the one being left. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve earned their ire or not. The right circumstances and a temperamental personality are all it takes to turn an ending relationship into a full-on assault.

What, you might be wondering, do those breakups look like? We’re so very glad you asked!

Here’s some of our favorite savage moments of “here’s how much I hate you.”

1. Psych!

We don’t know if Jennifer did something to deserve this level of mean, but this angry ex wins the award for brutal breakups. And all we can say to Jennifer’s ex is, Wowww… This went from zero to yikes in just a few seconds.

2. Bad advertising.

There are tons of reason not to cheat on your partner. Here’s one more. Not really the kind of self-promotion you want on your car, is it?

3. Blackmail only works if…

It’s the motivating factor behind so many crime stories – blackmail. But it only works if you’re not willing to have your secrets aired in public. This brave women shows what can happen when you stop being afraid and face those secrets head-on.

And note to the ex in this story – not cool, dude!

4. End game.

Another example of what can happen when you cheat. Clearly, this girl knows how to play the game (pun intended) better than her unfaithful ex.

5. Congratulations!

Is this a burn? Oh, yeah. But she did it with such style!

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