10 Places Science Just Can’t Explain

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While science has taken great leaps of advancement in the past few decades, there remain some things that it still just can’t explain…at least just yet. There is a long list of mysteries that even baffles the best and most of logical of scientists.

Here are some of them:

#10 Devil’s Kettle | Minnesota, USA

The Devil’s Kettle Waterfalls’ mysterious and seemingly endless hole has long left both geologists and hikers scratching their heads.

Plenty of experiments have been done to determine exactly where the Devil’s Kettle hole leads and ends. Scientists have dropped a variety of objects in the hole from ping pong balls to dye hoping they will eventually turn up in Lake Superior which is believed to be where the hole leads. Nothing has turned up yet.

#9 Fire Eagle Nest | Siberia, Russia

Also known as the Patomsky Crater, the Fire Eagle Nest is an unusual rock formation found in a dense taiga in a remote part of Siberia.

Scientists theorize that the large and crater-shaped formation of shattered limestone is aftermath or footprint which resulted from an ultra-dense meteorite. This hasn’t been confirmed yet leading to various other theories with some even believing it was a product of a UFO landing.

#8 The Devil’s Sea | Pacific Ocean

Considered to be the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific, The Devil’s Sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean located between the coast of Japan and the Philippines. It is also one of the 12 ‘vile vortices’ in the world. A vile vortex is a place where the pull of electromagnetic waves is stronger.

The Devil’s Sea is truly the stuff of nightmares for sailors as it is infamous for mysterious disappearances of vessels and sightings of ghost ships. It is also believed that it was in this area where the historic wiping out of Kublai Khan’s ships happened during one of his attempts to invade Japan centuries ago.