10 Places Science Just Can’t Explain

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#7 The Boiling River | Amazon Rainforest

While this river’s name is kind of a misnomer since its temperature is not quite boiling point levels yet, it’s still hot enough to poach an egg and kill all things that fall into its waters.

Found in the Peruvian section of the vast Amazon rainforest, the river is still being studied by scientists to find out the origins of its unusually hot temperature. Is it a volcanic and natural occurrence? Is it manmade? Is it a result of an oil field accident as one geologist believes?

Perhaps we will learn the truth someday.

#6 Fairy Circles | Namib Desert, Namibia

A fairy circle is a circular patch of barren land usually surrounded by a ring of grass, typically found in grasslands in the Namib Desert.

Why do they appear? Even scientists are still scrambling for an answer. But you bet there are people who believe that these are alien-related and are similar to crop circles found in the US.

#5 Hessdalen Lights | Hessdalen Valley, Norway

The Hessdalen Lights are ‘floating’ lights observed to appear in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley throughout the day and the night.

Their origins remain unexplained to this day although sightings have been recorded since the 1930s. Research dedicated to these unusual light formations has been going on since the 1980s, but no conclusive findings have been determined. Some think they are part of a portal to another world.