10 Places Science Just Can’t Explain

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#4 Twin Town | Kodinhi, India

South Asians have been recorded as having the least twin birth rates in the world, but the little town of Kodhini in India defies that.

Dubbed as the Twin Town, Kodhini’s 2,000 families have given birth to 220 pairs of twins. While scientists haven’t arrived at any satisfactory explanations for this phenomenon yet, they theorize that the high twin birth rate is a result of the chemicals present in the local drinking water.

#3 Dancing Forest | Curonian Spit National Park, Russia

The Dancing Forest is a portion of the Curonian Spit National Park where a forest of twisted pine trees is found. The place got its name due to the odd twists and rings that the pine tree trunks have grown to contort in.

While the trees were planted by people, their eventual twisting wasn’t planned and is speculated to be the effect of the activity of a certain type of caterpillar.

#2 The Zone of Silence | Durango, Mexico

The Zone of Silence is a desert patch in Durango, Mexico where radio signals or any type of communication signal cannot be received. The place has been the site of many local myths which includes alleged extraterrestrial sightings.

Its mysterious reputation is further helped by the presence of a US military base near the zone. We might have to leave this one to the men in black.

#1 Temple of Jupiter | Baalbek, Lebanon

While the Romans were known for their relatively sophisticated engineering, the exactness of the Temple of Jupiter’s foundation in Baalbek, Lebanon still baffles scientists of today.

The humongous rocks that make the foundation are cut and arranged so exactly that it’s almost impossible to insert a needle between the slabs. What’s more mysterious is how the ancient builders were able to transport these large and heavy rocks from the far away quarry site to their current location.

What do you think of these places? Would you willingly visit any of them given a chance? Watch the video below to learn more.

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