10+ Times Karma Taught Assholes A Valuable Lesson

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Ever thought about eating something from the work fridge that didn’t belong to you? Perhaps you’ve considered stealing somebody else’s parking space, or maybe you’ve been tempted to beat the traffic by driving down the outside lane and cutting everybody else up? Well before you go ahead and do whatever nefarious thing you’ve been contemplating, just remember that karma is watching you, and it won’t let you get away with it! Don’t believe us? Then check out this list compiled by Bored Pandato see for yourself how everything that goes around eventually comes around.

#1 Karma Wins Again

#2 Police In Turkey Try To Stop Pride Parade With Water Cannons, Accidentally Creates Rainbows

#3 Don’t Steal It From The Fridge

#4 Fast Karma

#5 Instant Karma

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