11-Year-Old Sings Elvis Song, Gives Perfect Imitation Of His Voice That’s Gone Viral

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Are there any Elvis Presley fans out there?
For those who don’t know, Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and became popular for his provocative performances and his rockabilly singing style. He was an international phenomenon during his heyday and is widely referred to as “The King of Rock and Roll.” Although Elvis passed away in 1977, his iconic voice and his extensive collection of songs live on in the cultural consciousness—and continue to inspire performances to this day.

One such performance has recently spread around the internet from as far away as Norway.

The performer in question is Angelina Jordan, a young singer who is only 11 years old.
Jordan is a professional Norwegian singer and the winner of the 2014 season of Norway’s Got Talent. Though she originally performed two jazzy songs, Jordan has many different viral performances viewable on YouTube and has been featured in People Magazine. Most recently, she’s been making the rounds for a show she did at Fredricksten Castle in Halden, Norway. In the video, Jordan performs “It’s Now or Never,” one of Elvis’s classic love songs.

Although she’s only 11, Jordan is already a natural born performer.

As the video begins, Jordan croons the titular lyrics in a perfect imitation of Presley’s style.
While she sings, hundreds of families with children watch in quiet appreciation. After a little while, some of them even start singing along! The video lasts several minutes and at the end, Jordan’s voice hits the final big swell to finish the song. After it ends, the crowd bursts into applause.

Needless to say, everyone in the crowd was moved by Jordan’s performance that day.

Despite her age, Jordan has proven that you’re never too young to start singing.
As the result of the singing competition she won, Jordan has already been catapulted to worldwide visibility—and she seems entirely comfortable performing in front of huge crowds! For those who were fans of this video, Jordan also performed on The View where she sung “Fly Me to the Moon,” though she has countless videos available for anyone interested.

Above all, Jordan’s performance is a testament to her own skill and a tribute to the late, great Elvis Presley.
Jordan clearly has a bright musical future ahead of her! For more information, be sure to check out her website for updates, merch and more information.

Congratulations on another great performance, Angelina!
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Source: YouTube/TV 2, Faith Tap

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