14+ Beautiful Ice And Snow Formations That Look Like Art

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Ice can be damaging or deadly, but it can also inadvertently create some of the most beautiful and fascinating winter sights. The formation of ice is subject to a million different variables, and the tiniest change in humidity, temperature or wind speed can create wildly different results.

Ice is beautiful, but it can also be deadly! Black ice, which is when clear ice forms on a black road-top, has been the cause of many fatal and near-fatal accidents. Hail storms can also be damaging and deadly – the largest recorded hailstone in the U.S. was the size of a bowling ball.

If you’ve captured a photo of some stunning ice formations this winter, like an icicle or some snow-rollers, we’d love to see your photos added to this list! Feel free to vote for your favorites as well.

#1 Baikal Ice Emerald

#2 Frozen Bubbles

#3 Frozen Lighthouses On Lake Michigan Shore


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