16 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

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Taking a drive through the countryside can be such a wonderful, relaxing experience. Those long, desolate roads with hardly any cars on them are perfect for joyrides… unless they’re one of the roads in this list of some of the most dangerous roads in the world. From rocky mountain passes to twisting, winding roads that make speeding impossible, these are definitely not meant for Sunday drivers!

1. Zoji La, India

This incredibly narrow, five-and-a-half-mile road connects Ladakh and Kashmir, and is used by cars as well as livestock.

2. Transfăgărășan, Romania

This road winds its way through the Carpathian Mountains and reaches a maximum altitude of 6,600 feet. It’s famous for its incredible sights as well as challenging drive.

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska

The Dalton Highway is the most isolated highway in the world, connecting three small Alaskan villages. It is also considered the snowiest highway in the world.

4. Khardung La, India

At an altitude of 18,379 feet, Khardung La is the tallest pass road in the world, and is recognized as such by National Geographic and Guinness World Records.

5. Yungas Road, Bolivia

This is one of the most dangerous roads in the world, claiming 200-300 lives every year. With steep mountains on one side and a sheer cliff on the other, it’s no joke.

6. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The Atlantic Ocean Road offers absolutely breathtaking sights and is a popular tourist destination.


7. Guoliang Tunnel, China

This tunnel was built by locals as the only access road to a remote village area.

8. Le Passage du Gois, France

This road is only open for a few hours a day, as rising tides leave it underwater for the rest of the time. Be sure to carefully read the schedule of the tides before you drive across, or you may wind up sinking midway through.

9. Tianmen Mountain road, China

This six-mile stretch of road features exactly 99 hairpin turns, descending a total of roughly 3,300 feet.

10. Hana, Hawaii

This road connects Kahului and Hana, on the island of Maui. The narrow road features 59 bridges, of which 46 have only a single lane. It’s also often closed due to landslides.

11. Kolima, Russia

“Kolima” is the official name of this road, but it’s popularly known as “dead road.” The first 55 miles were completed in 1932 by prisoners, and the road was finished in 1953.

12. Col de la Bonette, France

This dangerous mountain pass is located high in the French Alps, just near the Italian border, and has many steep, sharp turns.


13. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

This winding mountain pass goes through the Alps as well and features incredibly beautiful scenery.

14. ’Caucasus’ road, Russia

This narrow road connects Sochi and Ritska lake in the mountains. It’s both terrifying and impressive at the same time.

15. A bridge in Island County, Washington

Technically, this bridge is not as scary as it looks here. This photo is the result of a glitch with Google Earth. The bridge in real life is perfectly straight, but it’s still pretty intimidating.

16. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

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