2-Year Girl Sees Her Mom For The First Time After Eye Operation, The Reaction? So Touching!

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Being born healthy or giving birth to a healthy kid is considered to be luck. We never take life seriously and when we notice a disabled person is when we discover that. The sad part is that sometimes kids are the ones who create consciousness in us.

Kids born with a disability are the ones who have a right to be distressed but most of the time they never show that or comment. This is why we always need to reflect what we complain about because things get better or worse.

Nicolly Pereira was born a blind kid. Her mother did all to help her regain her eyesight. She raised funds which amounted to $17,000, and took her daughter to America from Brazil. The doctors were meant to bring her vision back.

Watch the clip below to see the reaction when Nicolly did open her eyes for the first time ever and saw her mother.

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