2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do

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When you are a parent the most important job you have is taking care of your children. You feed them, give them baths, put clothes on their backs, and make sure they are safe. Most intelligent people know that a child will need to eat food several times a day.

Sadly, one Ukrainian mother felt it was okay to leave her two children (a 23-month-old boy and a 2-year-old girl) alone in the house – for nine days.

The mother went off with her lover and left her children to fend for themselves. Most two-year-old’s I know spend their day exploring and playing.
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

They cannot be trusted to be alone for long – they will find trouble! The 23-month-old died of starvation while his mother was gone.

Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Faceboo

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