20+ Hilarious Times People Thought They Met Celebrities

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There are two ways of approaching the fact that you look a lot like a celebrity. One is to ruthlessly break it to people that, unfortunately, they are mistaken, you aren’t Tom Cruise or Jake Gyllenhaal, and that they shouldn’t look for their phone so they could snap a pic with you. That’s the disappointment approach. The other way of dealing with it is embracing your looks and just going along with the person that walks up to you with an enamored expression on their face and starts spilling compliments about your work. That’s the one that’s a little more fun.

The people listed below (some of them – actual celebrities) went for the latter and that way made the day of many people, who thought they met their heroes. Scroll down below to see whether you would be confused by these lookalikes as well!

#1 Matt Or Mark?

#2 Here’s Me Before A Hugh Laurie Concert, With Some Guy Who’s Not Hugh Laurie

#3 Someone Pretended To Be Tom Cruise In A Small Chicken Shop In North Eastern Thailand And Is Remembered There Forever

#4 Morgan Freeman

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