3-Year-Old Takes The Internet By Storm With Her Voice. Buckle Up For This!

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If you haven’t heard or watched a video about this 3-year-old that’s stolen over 2 million hearts already, you’re really missing something. You need to get on it ASAP!

If you want to know about it, you start by thinking about just how much a kid can get passionate about something. Now, let that “something” be a nice gospel song about Jesus, and there you have it!

Claire Ryan is a normal kid by all measures, but when it comes to singing, her talent and fame transcends childhood. Claire listened to “Gethsemane” just once, and that’s how all this started. She would sing it at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, and even go to sleep still singing it. Then she decided to make a video!

You can’t skip this. It’s too awesome.

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