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6 Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer That Aren’t Associated With Pain

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The biggest bummer about stomach cancer is that the symptoms are almost the same as regular stomach ailments such as IBS, gallstones or gastritis, however the catch here is to remain attentive to your problems because while gastric acidity, reflux and stomach infections clear up after a host of problems, the warning signs of stomach cancer on the other hand are persistent, long term, low intensity and don’t seem to subside.

Surprisingly though pain isn’t one of the early warning signs or major symptoms of stomach cancer even though the later stages of stomach cancer can be extremely painful. The most common aspect of stomach cancer is that it hardly displays many symptoms in the early stages according to Umut Sarpel MD, associate professor and surgical oncologist at New York’s Mount Sinai Health System. Here are the 6 warning signs of stomach cancer that are a major indication that you need to get yourself checked to prevent the disease.

1.Blood in your stool or vomit

Even as colitis, Hemorrhoids and Crohns disease can cause blood in the stool, blood in your poop means it’s time to see a doctor. If the blood is a possible indication of stomach cancer, the color will be maroon or tarry black which means digestive enzymes have acted upon the blood to make it appear so.

If your vomit contains blood then it will have a coarse texture resembling coffee grounds and look bright red.

2.Your appetite reduces in a hurry

Even though before eating you were hungry, your appetite subsides just after a few spoonfuls of food because food isn’t appealing and you experience early satiety. According to Dr Sarpel, this could be a sign of stomach cancer. When you start feeling unusually full then that should never be ignored.

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