An 8-year-Old Asked His Mom What Curse Word Means. How She Handled It Is Perfect

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Back in the 1990s, Bill Cosby was making money off children and their silly sayings. In his show called “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” Cosby would interview children and share clips with them saying funny phrases and honest truths. Although the show has since been tainted now that the dozens of rape allegations have come out against Cosby, the truth about children not having a filter remains.

And when children reach grade school, they start to get exposed to swear and curse words. Even if parents watch their tongue around their children, their sons and daughters are bound to hear other kids or even teachers cursing or swearing. And eventually, they’re either going to start using the words themselves or turn to their parents to ask about their meaning.

Mom Nama Winston confesses that she is not a good role model to her son when it comes to cursing. She uses swear words around the 8-year-old boy all the time. Even back when mom was a child, she loved to curse. Her parents canceled her 10th birthday because she kept uttering the word f***, and her parents were disturbed.

While her vocabulary includes all sorts of curse words, one word that you will never hear Nama Winston from Sydney, Australia saying is c***.

So when she sat down to dinner the other day, her jaw hit the table when her son used the word.

Although the family had been discussing whether they would go down to Bondi Beach to visit the celebrity veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown.

And that’s when Winston’s eight-year-old son blurted out, “Mum, what’s a c***?”

She was stunned. Although she cursed around her boy all the time, she wanted to know where he learned this word. But that did not matter. Kids hear all sorts of things and absorb them like sponges.

She knew that she needed to be a strong mother at this moment and face her son with brutal honesty.

She told her innocent son: “Technically, it means a woman’s vagina, but that’s not how people use it. They use it to describe a woman they hate. But it’s not just like d******. It implies she isn’t clever and is lower than everyone else. That she is nothing and that she doesn’t matter. It’s the meanest thing you can call anyone, especially a woman.”


Because she was honest with her son, he was stunned. He felt dirty for even asking about the cruel word. And although she taught her eight-year-old one of the most offensive curse words in existence, she hopes he won’t use it and is confident that he won’t.

Readers of the Mirror shared their point of view on this “lesson.” Many were outraged that mom addressed it head on as she did. But others applauded her efforts.

“Very good. I would say it’s used to described someone very nasty and horrible, but it’s a horrible word that everyone hates. It’s the worst possible curse word so never use it, ever. It’s repulsive.”

What do you think about how this mother handled her son’s challenging question?

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