88-Year-Old Woman Can’t Stand Still When Hears Her Favorite Song!

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The granny you will see knows how make her exit.

As she walks down the stairs into the awaiting car, she jams to the beat and shows off her signature moves. Most viewers know her as Dancing Nana. She is 88 years old, but she still remembers the day when she was the queen of the dance floor.
As she is about to get into the car and drive away, she says that she can dance all day without effort. Look how she sits her purse down three times, because the music is too good to be standing in one place.
She is so full of energy that we can’t stop replaying the tape, but her taste for music remains rather traditional.
You may have seen other grannies shaking a leg to modern tunes, yet Dancing Nana does not want to go with the flow and choose the contemporary compositions. She settles for Dion’s 1961 sensation “Runaround Sue”, and she is asking her granddaughter to put it on again because this song is too good to be true.

Grandmother loves to dance about her day, and her relatives say that she can’t remain seated when her favorite melodies are playing.
Even now she won’t resist the temptation to move her body to the rhythm, even though she knows she needs to run errands with her family. Dancing Nana is one of a kind. She sticks to the classics and makes everybody fall in love with her elegant moves.

Let’s watch this lady below and enjoy the sweet sound of “Runaround Sue”! This is amazing!

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