She Accepted A Stranger’s Facebook Friend Request And She Will Regret It For The Rest Of Her Life

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With social media becoming more of a norm in society, we find ourselves more consumed with being ‘present’ on these various platforms. That means we are liking, commenting, and sharing more than we ever have before. More importantly, this means we are friending more and more people.

Personally, I find myself looking for some old acquaintances and friends on Facebook. It’s wonderful how easy it is to reconnect with people that you once knew, and it’s great to see how they are doing after so many years.

But with this new emergence of social media comes new dangers and perils. On Shareably, we have previously featured how dangerous social media can be for children, but the following story shows how it can be dangerous to all of us.

Please SHARE this story with everyone you know. This could very well happen to any of us.

The following story could be a very likely scenario which will allow us to study the harsh disservices social media has.

One day you receive a friend request, as you often do every week or so. It’s a nice looking man who you don’t seem to recognize, but who knows, maybe you’ve met him before. You accept.

Later that day you decide to post photos of your little 6-year-old girls birthday party, and you tag all of her friends through their parents.

“Great birthday fun at McKinley park, Missy looks forward to thanking all you kids for the gifts you gave her at Jefferson elementary tomorrow morning!”

Meanwhile the guy you friended earlier receives your post and sends out a mass email to his associates, and would be customers:

“American females and males, ages 5-6. $8-10 grand, inquire on specific.”

You’ve essentially just given a trafficker and his customers multiple pickings not to mention the school they attend and the park which they frequent.

Please stop posting everything about your life on Social media. And for the love of God stop posting your children’s photos on the internet, especially not as your profile pic.

Even if you only have exclusive online friends, it still doesn’t matter. All it takes is one account to be hacked and you’ve just offered up your children’s images to all kinds of freaks, molesters, and yes, traffickers.

The moral of the story – stop adding strangers on Facebook. More importantly, stop posting everything about your life on Facebook.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Please SHARE this important warning with everyone you know. It can prevent a tragedy.

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