Her Adopted Son Walked Up To A Total Stranger, But That’s When She Snapped This Heart Wrenching Photo.

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In a perfect world, every child would be born into a loving family, but this is not the case. Anyone who chooses to adopt a child is truly making a positive difference in the world and has the chance to shift the trajectory of a kid’s life for the better.

Charity and Brenton Robinson are one of these amazing couples. They recently adopted a little boy named Lincoln and decided to spend a night at the rodeo with the family. Little did they know, everything was about to change.


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For reasons no one can know, the little boy was drawn to a stranger with a big cowboy hat and an easy going grin. He walked right up to the man – later identified as Jason Taylor – and started excitedly talking about the sights and sounds of the rodeo, much to his parents surprise.