Armed robber accidentially shoots himself in the head as ‘victim’ runs him down like a dog

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There’s almost nothing more satisfying than watching an armed thug get what he deserves.

This walking piece of fecal matter robbed four people in a Denny’s parking lot. One victim breaks free and ran inside, the others decided to fight back with the first weapon they found. They live in Hawthorne, California so a gun was pretty much out of the question, but they did have a car.

As the robber runs off, the driver puts the pedal to the floor and runs the fool over. Somehow this scumbag managed to shoot himself in the head while actively becoming street pizza.

Police officers released the following statement to the media,

“As the suspect fled on foot towards an awaiting vehicle, he was struck by the victims’ car. The robber survived and was taken to the local hospital in critical condition. We believe this impact caused the suspect to accidentally fire his gun, causing his own injuries. It appears that the suspect’s accomplices initially attempted to assist him into their vehicle to escape, but eventually fled the scene without him.”

The victims all fled the scene, but returned a few minutes later to give a statement to police officers.

“He’s running away from the scene with a gun in his hand when the victims chased him in the car. When they struck him it launched his body up in the air and somewhere in that process, the gun in his hand fired, resulting in him getting a bullet in the head,” Hawthorne police Lt. Ti Goetz told local ABC affiliate KABCChannel 7 News.

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