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Autistic Son’s Answer On Homework Has Dad In Hysterics, Makes Devastating Plea On Facebook

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As any parent of a child with autism knows, life is different than they might have expected. While the world might think something is “off” or “wrong” about their child, parents know that they are just as good as other kids but simply look at the world differently. As the educational system keeps trying to stuff people in a box and force children to learn things one way, children with autism and other learning disabilities struggle to fit the mold. Thus, doctors pump them full of drugs to normalize them.

But a recent homework assignment broke dad Bob Cornelius’s heart. When his youngest son, Christopher, offered to do his homework alone, dad was proud. But later when he checked it over, the answer to one of the questions completely broke his heart.

Check out dad’s post about the homework below and how it made him feel.

As part of a back-to-school assignment, Christopher, who is on the autistic spectrum, was asked to answer a few questions about himself.

But when Bob saw what the boy had written, he couldn’t help but snap a picture and share it to his social media page. Why? Because it simply broke his heart into pieces.

The assignment was a fun-little handout that asked students to answer a few questions about themselves. It was called “The Inside Scoop: Fascinating Facts About Yours Truly!”

The first few answers were easy. Christopher wrote that he was 11-years old and in Ms Feld’s 6th grade class.

He then wrote that his family members are “dad & mom Michael and Stephen and me.”

But the next question was the one that made dad suffer. When asked to tell about his friends, Michael could not. The answer read as follows:

“Some of my friends are no one.”

Dad nearly cried when he saw that. He knew his boy had trouble making friends due to the autism. But to think that Christopher was so alone like that made him hurt inside.

Dad opened up about the experience on his Facebook page:

“For those of you who don’t know, my youngest son, Christopher, is on the autistic spectrum. I went to his back to school night on Thursday and took a picture of one of his projects displayed on the wall, one of many cute little cards that all the kids in his class had filled out. It asked him to list his favorite foods, sport, TV shows etc.

“I took the picture hurriedly, and didn’t notice all the answers he had filled out at that time. It was only after I got home that something stood out upon closer review.

“Do you guys remember, a couple of weeks ago, the massive amount of press that the Florida State Football player got when he sat down at the lunch table with an autistic boy that was eating alone? That player didn’t know the boy was on the autistic spectrum when he sat down with him…he just saw a boy eating lunch all by himself and decided to join him. A teacher snapped a picture of the moment and it went viral. That’s what made the story great….it wasn’t staged…it was just a real moment of human kindness…

“He’s never had a friend. Ever.”

Dad went on to describe more about the suffering he and Christopher endure because of the autism. He asks people to share this message and open up to people with autism.

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