Baby Prays For Family At Home

News 122

Most parents who are religious like to teach their children about their religion from an early age. Some of the ways they do that are by teaching them to pray, taking them to church services, and reading religious texts to them. When kids are too young to talk, it’s hard to determine if they are understanding or catching on.

Two parents just realized that everything they have been saying and teaching their child has been worth it.

They were preparing to feed their young daughter in her high chair. Before they started, they wanted to teach her the importance of saying grace over a meal.

The little girl is very young, and you wouldn’t think she would even understand what it means to pray. Her parents have been teaching her well, though. As soon as her father says that it is time to pray, she sticks out her little hand and closes her eyes.

She sits quietly while her dad prays over their food.

When her father finishes the prayer, he says “Amen.” The baby repeats it in an adorable little baby language. Then, she is ready to eat. She has clearly done this a time or two. The fact that she can understand the process as little as she is is simply amazing.

This isn’t the only young child who knows the value of prayer.