Baby Prays For Family At Home

News 113

Two other parents were shocked when they overheard their young daughter saying her nighttime prayers over the baby monitor. They had been praying with their daughter, but they had never heard her say them on her own before.

Now, she has made it a habit. Every night, her parents put her to bed and listen closely while she says her prayers. Her mother explained that both parents do pray with the little girl almost every night.

On the night they first heard their daughter, they put her to bed and didn’t do any prayers with her.

They really didn’t think much of it, but apparently, this little lady couldn’t go to sleep without saying them. If her parents weren’t going to say them with her, she was just going to have to do it herself. Her mother said:

“We didn’t do the prayers and didn’t think anything of it. We then heard on the monitor that she just decided to do them on her own. We were amazed by it because she usually rushes through the prayers. We’ll have to say, ‘OK Sutton, say thank you for this person and that person,’ but as you see on the video, she was naming everybody.”

They were surprised by how thorough her prayers were.

She had a lot of people that she wanted to pray for, and she wasn’t holding anything back or forgetting anyone. Her mom added:

“She never forgets anybody’s name. She’s so sweet and kind-hearted. That’s just the type of person she is. And this video is just a way to see that. It shows her heart works.”