Baby Prays For Family At Home

News 113

Sutton’s parents are happy that their daughter has really been learning when they are praying with her and that she cares enough to say her prayers at night even when they aren’t there to remind her.

Her mom shared the video of her daughter saying her prayers online and was shocked by how popular it was. She wanted to share it with friends and family, but she never expected it to go viral.

She is proud of her little girl, though, and happy that she is touching so many others.

She said:

“We’re overwhelmed, but we are definitely enjoying it. We’ve already received so many emails and messages from people saying how this video has touched their lives.”

These videos just go to show you that kids are always listening and learning. Even when they seem to be messing around or not interested in what we are telling them, they are still taking it all in like little sponges.

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