Bagel shop employee photographs every dog that visits drive-thru. Take a look at their reactions

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Imagine visting a bagel shop that is as known for it’s bagels and coffee as it is for it’s puppy clientele.

One bagel shop in Melbourne, Florida is just that place. Customers of both canine and human species visit this shop for its delicious treats.

Employee Natasha Jones has only worked at the bagel shop briefly, but she’s brought it international attention thanks to her Instagram account, EBDogs4096. After a few days at work, Jones started to notice that customers often brought their puppies with them to the drive-thru window. Seeing a puppy was a cause for celebration, especially at work, and Jones soon started photographing the various adorable pups that would show up during her work shift.

She soon uploaded these photos to an Instagram account, and they became an instant hit.

In fact, it’s become so popular, that Einstein Bros now serves a specific doggie bagel for the puppies that stop by for a visit. The best part? Jones promises the bagel is on her!

Scroll down and take a look at the beautiful doggies that Jones gets to serve each and every day.

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