Biker Returns Trash To People Who Threw It Out WIndow

News 305

A lot of people don’t think that littering is a serious problem. They casually toss out their garbage when they are driving down the side of the road or even dump off large items in the middle nowhere. As long as they no longer have to worry about it, they don’t see a problem with it.

A lot of cities and states have fines for littering that can be pretty hefty.

The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to catch people in the act. Some cities also don’t enforce these rules. One biker happened to be stuck in traffic when he caught someone carelessly tossing out their trash on the side of the road.

The litterer clearly has no respect for anyone else on the road or the environment. He assumes it won’t be a big deal and that nobody is
watching. Little does he know, this biker is recording the entire thing and is also about to give him a lesson in trash disposal.