Boy gets text from sister’s stolen phone for her password. He gets revenge in hysterical fashion

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When this brother got a text from his sister’s lost cell phone, he knew just what to do.

For imgur user thelowflyingowl, he was just doing his duty as an older brother, but those around the world are still impressed with his ability to troll.

It was a normal day when thelowflyingowl got a text from his sister’s number, asking if he knew her password. The person on the other end of the phone didn’t know that thelowflyingowl was well aware his sister’s phone was lost or stolen.

Instead of letting it go, he ended up trolling the thief hard enough that they eventually returned the phone! He took screenshots of the entire conversation, showing why you shouldn’t underestimate older brothers.

To set up the story, the thelowflyingowl explained on his imgur account:

“My little sister who is going to be a senior worked hard all summer to buy an iPhone, only to have it stolen (or fall out, she is still not entirely sure) out of her boyfriend’s car a week ago. She had not activated the find my iPhone app so we reported it stolen but were pretty sure someone was just being gifted a free iPhone courtesy of my sister’s summer wages.”

To make matters worse, this older brother explained that his sister had opted for a wallet case instead of a traditional one. In other words, the thief had her IDs and cards in addition to her phone.

So, when thelowflyingowl got a text from someone claiming to be his sister, he gave her current number a quick call to confirm it wasn’t her. If this brother didn’t know his sister’s phone was lost or stolen, this conversation could have gone another way.

After a brief “Hey,” the thief texted:

“Yeah do you know my iPhone password I forgot it.”

While he wasn’t able to unlock the phone, he was able to text a contact, which was just enough to give thelowflyingowl some free entertainment.

Instead of telling the person texting him that he knew the phone was stolen, thelowflyingowl decided to play along. He explained in another screenshot caption:

“I was bored so I say to myself, why not have some fun. We will never get the phone back, but what the heck, might as well kill some time.”

Thelowflyingowl had plenty of ideas up his sleeves to kill time.

He started by letting his “sister” know that he would look for the number, but threw in some extra comments for the person on the other end to interpret as they saw fit:

“Well, you did leave us to do all that work with the you know who. We had to take the you know what and dig a hole 3 times as deep as we had planned. So took a while.”

This older brother wanted the person on the other end to think he got tangled up in something illegal and dangerous. He continued:

“You know the boss has your password and find my iPhone set up if he finds out you got locked out of your phone I will not be able to step in for you again. You know he gets carried away when he drinks. So you best be finding that little piece of paper where you wrote it down. Else he might send someone over.”

As the story played out, the person on the other end asked thelowflyingowl not to tell the boss. However, this brother said that the boss called and he let him know about the “lost password.” He suggested “his sister” bury a suitcase that he claimed had enough “to last you 6 months.”

At this point, the thief started to think he is in over his head.

After asking if thelowflyingowl is joking and being told no, he admitted:

“Okay this isn’t my phone so Im getting off this one bye I’m heading to North Dakota.”

Thelowflyingowl didn’t give up, convincing the mystery texter that someone is after the phone. Eventually, he suggested turning the phone into the police so the “bad man” can’t track it to him.

Amazingly enough, it works and the phone, complete with IDs and cards in the case, were turned into the police station.

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