Brother Gives New Baby Sister A Kiss – Then Asks Mom A Question That Has Her Dying Of Laughter

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Being an older brother is a very serious responsibility. In addition to being protective and offering guidance, the older sibling is the one who has to “go first” in all manner of things in life. We get in the most the trouble and we also clear a path for our younger siblings. We’re expected to know a lot and to share our wisdom as we get it—no matter how old we are. This process of reasserting our authority as the older brother begins almost immediately.

That was the case for the adorable little boy in this video.

As the clip begins, the boy can be seen with a big smile wearing a “Big Brother” shirt.
After a moment, his mom lowers his baby sister onto a pillow in front of him and lets the two siblings get to know each other. The little boy leans forward and kisses his sister gently on the forehead. Once they’ve met, mom starts asking questions. “Do you think we should bring her home tomorrow?” The little boy says yes. “Do you think you’ll be nice to her or mean to her?” He laughs and says he’ll be nice.

After that, the boy seems eager to show what he knows as well.

First, he comments that his little sister keeps wiggling around.
“That means she likes you,” his mom says. Then, in true big brother style, the boy demonstrates everything he knows about his sister. “Her belly is right here,” he says. “Her legs are right here. Her feet are right here.” The whole time, his mom keeps telling him “you’re right.” At the end of it all, the boy has one more, very important question:

“Where’s her weenie?”

After hearing this, all the adults in the room start laughing.
“She doesn’t have one, because she’s not a boy!” mom patiently explains. After that truth bomb gets dropped, the boy stares into the camera, trying to contemplate how that could be. So far this video has been viewed nearly five million times on YouTube and it’s not hard to understand why. This little boy gets major big brother points for immediately warming to his sister and assessing the situation. However hilarious this clip may be, we can likely all remember when we first learned about the basic differences between boys and girls.

And let’s face it: some things will never stop being funny!
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