Bruce Springsteen Dances With Mom In Front Of Thousands

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On June 30, 2013, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band rocked the Olympic Park in London, England. In the video below, The Boss begins to play his classic song from 1984, “Dancing In The Dark,” during which Springsteen is known for inviting an audience member up to the stage for an epic dance session. But this time, he had a very special guest in mind — his mother, Adele, who at the time was 87 years old.

While the E Street band continued playing the song, Springsteen left the stage to find Adele, who was watching him from the side, behind a curtain. (At the 4:05 mark.) Seconds later, the crowd erupted in cheers as fans watched Springsteen take his dear ‘ol mom by the hand, lead her to center stage and dance right alongside her. It’s so sweet watching him be playful and goofy with her, whisper into her ear, and encourage her to boogie down. It’s clear that Adele is so proud of her superstar son.

Even to this day, Springsteen brings Adele up on stage to dance. It’s pretty clear who the real boss is in the Springsteen family… and it’s not Bruce.

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