Child Screams For Help As Mom Faints— Cameras Catch Bus Driver’s Compassionate Reaction

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Even adults can panic in an emergency situation involving a loved one; imagine how much more difficult it is for a child to cope under such circumstances.That’s why the Milwaukee community has hailed local bus driver Michelle Mixon a hero for keeping a young child calm during a frightening situation.It all began while a woman and child waited to cross the street.

The mother suddenly dropped to the ground. Her frightened six-year-old daughter immediately ran for help. She approached Michelle’s bus, screaming and crying that her mother had suffered a seizure.

The little girl seemed to understand what was happening to her mother. Even so, she was very upset and understandably afraid.

Michelle quickly brought the child onto the bus.

While the little girl sat on the bus with Michelle, others quickly moved to help her mother and called an ambulance.

Michelle stayed with the crying little girl, offering her much needed comfort.

She didn’t have to, but Michelle watched over the weeping child right up until the mother was in the ambulance and it was okay for the little girl to ride along. Even then, Michelle carried her to the vehicle herself.

Michelle didn’t have to do any of this, but she chose to because it was the right thing to do. It’s kind people like this Milwaukee bus driver that continue to make the world a better place.

To see the incredible situation unfold, click the video below.

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