Crossing Guard Doesn’t Know Someone’s Recording – Then It Captures Her Real Intentions

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A crossing guard in North Carolina is doing far more than keeping children safe as they cross the street. In fact, some people are calling her an angel on Earth.
Minnie Galloway has been a crossing guard at Trask Middle School in Wilmington, North Carolina for over 19 years. Her smiling face and sweet demeanor have brightened the days of so many people over the years. She’s become a staple in the neighborhood.

“Ms. Minnie,” as she’s lovingly called, is known to smile and wave at every passing car while walking each and every child across the streets with care and attentiveness. Parents and even residents in the area without kids have appreciated her kind actions throughout the years.

This year, Minnie didn’t want to just ensure that the kids would be safe crossing the street — she wanted to make sure they were warm too.
Minnie made her way to the local Salvation Army and purchased as many coats as she possibly could. She planned on handing them out to any child she saw that might not have a thick enough coat for the cold winter temperatures.

According to the local news station, WWAY-TV, Minnie set up a rolling clothing rack with over 30 puffy and warm coats for any child that might need one. She was performing her crossing guard duties at her normal location, but on this day, she had set up her mobile warm jacket shop.

A teacher at the local high school noticed Ms. Minnie’s selfless act and decided to snap a picture. Little did she know — the photo would go viral.
Kayla Thomas teaches high school at Laney High School nearby, she’s driven past Ms. Minnie almost every school day for years. Thomas says that Minnie is no stranger to performing good deeds. According to Babble, the caring crossing guard hands out umbrellas on rainy days and school supplies at the beginning of each school year.

Thomas snapped the photo of Ms. Minnie along with the caption:

“So the same sweet lady stands at the crosswalk everyday in front of Laney and Trask. She always waves and looks just so happy to be at the crosswalk, helping the kids cross safely. Today I noticed that she had a rack of coats by her car, and signs saying “free coats” posted everywhere.

It took every ounce of restraint in my body not to put the car in park and get out and hug this woman, to thank her for using her free time to keep our students safe and for giving coats to people who may not have them. There is still good in this world, despite what we see and hear everyday. People like her give the rest of us hope that we can all live in peace and focus on the things that really matter.”

As for Ms. Minnie, she just wants to make sure that every child is taken care of and wants to help in any way she can.
“Sometimes I don’t know if they have them or not. Some say they have them at home, but I don’t know I just let them go ahead if they want them,” she told WWAY-TV.

After 19 years, Minnie Galloway isn’t doing her selfless deeds for recognition or reward, although it’s incredible that she’s getting the praise and gratitude that she so truly deserves.

The picture and full Facebook post about Ms. Minnie’s generous acts are below. Thank you for letting your students know how much they are valued.
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