Crowd loses it when they hear his ‘example’ of what people without kids don’t understand

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Do you remember the days before you had children? Life was simpler, and there was more time to take risks and do things that you’ve never done before. But the funniest part was when you thought about having kids, and you had all these ideas of what life would be like as a parent… only to realize that you were completely wrong later on.

Comedian Michael McIntyre talks about “People With No Kids Don’t Know” in the video below. He jokes about how people who’ve never had kids before have no idea what they’re in for the moment they have kids, and his perspective is completely realistic. Watch the video below and prepare to laugh as he gives real-life examples of common morning aroundPre his household. You’ll soon find yourself laughing so hard that you can’t stop.

I just love his impressions of the kids; they’re the best!

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[Source: Jeff Roy]

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