Her Dad Isn’t There To Lift Her Up, But A Stranger Jumped Over The Fence And Did This…

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If you’ve a mom or dad in the military, you should be proud!

These people travel far and wide to protect us. It can be hard sometimes – with them being away for long. That’s one reason this story is gaining a lot of traction online.

Addie Rodriguez is a 9-year-old girl that excels as a cheerleader. During one of their games at their school, the team had sought to include their dads in the cheerleading. A dad would put his daughter on his shoulders to work a routine. However, Addie’s dad didn’t show up since he was in deployment. Her mom, who is also in the army, was there, watching her little one’s moves.

At one point, a man jumped over the fence and ran towards Addie. People gasped. Next? He did this!

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