Dad Made Huge Sacrifice To Pay For Daughter’s Seminary, 21 Years Later She Has A Surprise [video]

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It was a secret 21 years in the making. And when it came time for dad’s birthday, his loving Virginia family decided now was the time to reveal the truth and surprise him.

With tremendous dedication and planning, his family was able to give dad the gift of a lifetime. And to think that his wife had to keep this secret from him for more than two decades for it to be as powerful as it was.

Keep reading to learn the full extent of dad’s surprise gift!

Stephanie Hamren, lives in Troutville, Virginia. And throughout her life, she has been desperately in love with her father. Now that she is grown, she would do anything she could for him.

She began the big day by telling her father that she had a surprise for him. He was not good at surprises and could not handle the anticipation. It was even beginning to stress him out. What if it was a bad surprise? What if it was something he didn’t like? Tons of thoughts ran through dad’s relentless mind.

But in the end, when dad finally saw what his wife had been hiding from him for 21 years, he was overcome with emotion. It was well worth the wait as you’ll see in his reaction in the photos.

It was the car of his dreams!

Stephanie always listened to dad talk about his Ford Sedan. It was his passion project that he would work on whenever he had a few extra minutes. Stephanie would join him out in the garage and watch her strong father work on the vehicle.

It was a Ford from 1936. It was the car he drove around the United States and even won car show awards with it. Eventually, it became the car that he drove his wife away from the wedding in.

“My dad talked about this car for as long as I can remember,” wrote Hamren later on Facebook. “[He was] always saying he would buy it back if he could find it.”

But in 1993, dad was forced to sell his prized possession to help pay for his daughter’s seminary. It was a huge sacrifice for a car junkie like him. He was wiling to sacrifice anything for his daughter.

However, Stephanie and her mom never forgot dad’s sacrifice. In 2013, they began searching for his long-lost car. It was not easy to find.

Eventually, they located it in New Orleans. It had remained relatively untouched for the last 15 years.

Together, they saved the money and bought the car.

“After a few months of finding it and arranging the purchase, we scrambled the money together and brought it home on our secret trip to ‘New Orleans,’” Hamren wrote on Facebook.

But keeping the secret was the hard part. Dad was not good at secrets.

“Finding the car, getting the money, and getting it halfway across the United States with no problems is truly a blessing from God!” said Hamren.

When it came time for the big reveal, they took out their cameras to capture dad’s reaction.

They gave him the keys, which had a keychain that read: “God fulfilling promises to his faithful servant. Matthew 19-29”

Dad got his car back! But it wasn’t done yet. It still needed some repairs. But then Stephanie’s mom got sick and money went to paying for her illness. Now dad has set up a GoFundMe page to raise cash to fix the old Ford.

“Many have asked if I had a GoFundMe account because they would like to donate,” Stephanie wrote. “So I figured I would make one. We will see how God uses it.”


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