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Dad Nervously Walks Onto The Dance Floor With Daughter. Leads To Best Dance I’ve Ever Seen

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Kids naturally get easily embarrassed by their parents. And sometimes that comes along with a valid reason, especially when it comes to dancing. Moms and dads have a tendency to think that they can dance a lot better than they actually can and instead of looking like a contestant from Dancing with the Stars, they end up looking like an awkward bird flapping his/her wings. So, most kids tend to try and prevent having their parents from dancing in public. After all, it can be a major social fail if your mom or dad is seen busting a move on the dance floor.

However; every now and then a parent will surprise a kid with their unexpecting “cool factor.” Instead of being embarrassed by her dad, 12-year-old Jessica Hanley actually begged her dad to be a part of a choreographed danced for her 12th birthday party. And instead of being embarrased, Jessica was proud of her dad as he let loose on the dance floor.

In a classy venue, Jessica and her dad started out dancing slowly in front of a room full of her friends as the DJ played the classic daddy/daughter song, “My Girl.” And then the slow music comes to a halt and a fun Whitney Houston dance song comes on. At this point, Jessica’s dad looks like he is the one embarrassed and he backs off and starts to walk away, completing denying her pleading eyes that are begging him to dance with her.

And then the two bust out into a dancing montage as they change up their moves to fit with the variety of songs. There is a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of pop and a few oldies, and they manage to execute a flawless routine. Jessica’s friends are standing alongside the dance floor cheering her on and they clearly aren’t thinking that her dad is dancing like a dork. And we gotta admit that Jessica’s dad actually looks like he is enjoying himself. After going through a wide variety of songs, the dancing duo end right where they started, swaying gently to “My Girl.”

There is a good chance that little Jessica will never have a problem with convincing her dad to do anything for her. Clearly, he went above and beyond for his little girl here and will continue to do so. It will be interesting if they do a remake of this video on her wedding day.

The majority of commenters were impressed with the sacrifice that Jessica’s dad made for her…

“Things dad do for their little girls. My dad would never do that for me.”

“Anytime a Dad is willing to dance with his daughter like this, is Awesome!”

“I love it !!!! Awesome dad for doing that with his daughter !!! Need more dads like this in the World!!!”

And as always, there were the tough critics…

“Loved it, it was very creative, but I see they needed a little bit more rehearsal. She looks a little bit nervous.”

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