This Dad Of The Year Is Copying His Daughter’s Selfies And We Can’t Get Enough

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If we’re being completely honest, dads only have a few jobs in life: to make cringeworthy dad jokes, to misuse emojis / text abbreviations, and to demonstrate their powerful and unconditional love by endlessly mocking you. And it seems that one man in particular is taking this role very seriously. Chris Martin, delights in trolling his daughter, Cassie, by recreating her selfies. And we must say, we’re pretty damn impressed with his commitment to the cause. Recreating a young woman’s selfies takes serious dedication.

Cassie, presumably looking for an outlet to vent her frustrations, tweeted this glorious photo.




The attention to detail is impressive: he rocked the patterned pants, crop, top, and even the stomach tattoo. And props to Chris for even attempting the duck face.

And it seems that Chris has struck again with another gem.

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