Disturbing Footage Of Animal Abuse Leaked From Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie

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When it comes to the film industry, entertainment companies often rely on animals to produce an incredible story.

Like humans, it’s expected these animals are treated with the appreciation and respect they deserve. This includes scenes where they’re “seen” to be hurt, which should be implemented by CGI editing techniques, and not real live stunts.

Sadly, this was not the case for the upcoming sci-fi flick, Crazy Alien, as a video featuring animal abuse has emerged.

On March 16, PETA leaked footage of a cage allegedly containing a dog being suspended over a pool of water. The crate is seen being spun around multiple times by crew members before it plunges into the water.

According to the animal rights group, they received the footage from an outraged whistleblower from the Chinese set of the movie.

“The second the dog cage rose into the air, the dog stopped barking instantly as the cables were used to spin the cage out of control in circles before solidly landing 40–50 feet away,” the whistleblower said. “The director took many takes and this was just awful to witness as the torment went on.”

“The next shot was at the river’s edge where the dog was put back into his cage and tormented into a frenzy once again,” the whistleblower continued. “This time … the cage … was hoisted 20 ft. and was flung while spinning out of control towards the river. … [T]he cage was completely submerged with the dog in it landing in a 10 mph current. After 5–8 seconds, the director yelled out ‘cut.'”

Warning: this video contains disturbing content.

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