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Doctor Explains Why Sleeping On Your Right Side is Bad For Your Body

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The amount of advice there is about how you should sleep is sometimes overwhelming. There seems to be endless articles claiming how much sleep is the right amount – not too little but not too much – and about what do eat or not eat, drink or not drink, and do or not do before going to bed to ensure the best sleep possible. While it is important to pay attention to all of these tips, there are also simpler things you can do to ensure your sleep is the best it can be.

Because sleeping is the only time your body is horizontal for long periods of time, there are crucial differences to the way you position your body that can have harmful effects on how you sleep. Chiropractors are now recommending that sleeping on your right side is not a good way to benefit your body and that one should aim to sleep on their left side, if they’re a side-sleeper, to help with several bodily functions.

The first negative aspect that chiropractors have linked to sleeping on your right side is neck and back pain. While this may also occur sleeping on your left side, there are numerous factors that contribute to it being worse on your right side. These have to do with the fact that our bodies are not symmetrical. Sleeping on your left side also helps with digestion.

On your right side, the body is not able to digest toxins in the same way. On your left, however, the toxins are digested more effectively and allow your body to concentrate on making your last meal into energy and waste. If you’ve been experiencing pains and gas while sleeping, check to see if you tend to sleep on your right side and, if so, switch over to the left!

Experts in digestion have even recommended taking a quick power nap on your left side after a large meal to help with the immediate processes of digestion. This can help you get back on your feet quickly, fight the tired feeling that is common after a big meal, and help your body get energized again!

The health of your heart can also be negatively impacted by sleeping on your right side. Because blood flows through your body in very particular ways it is important to be cognizant of this when falling asleep. On your right side your heart often comes under too much pressure to pump blood properly and your body suffers. Pregnant woman should take this especially seriously so as to keep their baby in the best shape possible! This will also help with the common spinal issues associated with pregnancy.


Finally, those who snore may experience better luck on their left side, as this is more likely to keep the throat and mouth in the proper position. Clearing your mind of stresses, and eating and drinking simple foods before sleeping are very important – but it is also important to be mindful of the way your body lies in sleep. Share this advice with others who may be having problems associated with how they sleep!

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