Doctor Gives Birth To Own Baby, Then Gets Text That Sends Her Racing Into Next Room

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Some lucky folks really, truly love their jobs. They don’t consider what they do to be work, but their passion. They hate being parted from their colleagues, clients, or patients.

Dr. Hilary Conway is an OBGYN from Yakima, Washington. She was pregnant with her second child and, though she was ecstatic to meet her new baby, she was also sad that she would miss the opportunity to bring her patients’ new babies into the world.

On December 13, just hours after giving birth to her baby girl, whom she named Verna, Hilary received a text that her patient Katie Moss’ water had broken.

Even though she was still recovering, Hilary got up and went to the nurse’s station at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital to inquire about Katie.

“It’s always important for me to help my patients deliver,” Hillary said. “Each of my patients means so much to me, and I try to be there for all of their deliveries.

“Honestly, I think it’s harder on us as physicians to miss deliveries than it is for the patient — to miss the delivery is like missing the culmination of everything you have known for nine months and sometimes more.”

While chatting with the nurses, Hilary learned Katie was in labor in the room next to her own. The new mom went back to her room, fed little Verna, and then left the baby with a postpartum nurse before heading into Katie’s delivery room to help her deliver her twin sons, Luke and Soren.

Katie was stunned when she found out Hilary had just given birth herself! The two women formed an especially close bond because they were both experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy together, but Katie never thought her OBGYN would help bring her babies into the world so soon after delivering her own.

“I was hoping to see her maybe the next day but not so soon and so awake,” Katie said. “She looked completely normal — unlike she just had a baby half a day earlier.

“After laughing about how crazy it was that we were both in the hospital at the same time, she was like, ‘Well, since I’m here, I might as well deliver your babies.’

“Once it was all over and my boys were here, she simply said she was tired and going to get some more sleep before the morning.”

While most of us could never imagine going back to work mere hours after giving birth, Hilary doesn’t consider bringing Katie’s twins into the world an amazing feat.

“What is amazing is how perfectly the timing worked out,” she said. “This was a delivery I didn’t want to miss, and somehow the stars aligned that she was admitted before I was discharged, she labored quickly so that I could deliver between feeds, and that I had given her my cell phone number. There was a whole lot of serendipity that allowed for this to happen.”

We wish these two amazing moms and their families all the best of happiness, love, and health. Hopefully, they’re both able to get some rest now!

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