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Dog Finds Cat Sleeping In His Bed – His Response Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

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Dogs are some of the nicest creatures on the planet, and they always enjoy doing things that make their loved ones happy. Cats, on the other hand…well, cats can be jerks sometimes.

Cats love messing with the do-gooder dogs in their family. One of the ways they’ll do this is by taking over the dog’s bed.
The video compilation below shows some hilarious scenes of tiny cats laying on huge dog beds. Even though the dogs are often twice the cat’s size, they won’t kick the cat off their bed—they’re too polite for that. Some dogs just look at their owners, showing their displeasure at losing their bed to a tiny cat.

Some dogs show their frustration at the situation by barking at the little feline on their bed.

Other dogs give the cat a taste of their own medicine and lay down in their bed. They don’t even care that the cat bed is too small for them!

While most of the cats just curl up and go to sleep, one cat takes it a step further. This cat stretches out across the bed, clearly laughing at the dog watching him.

In another funny video, a dog tries a sneak attack. The cat catches onto him, though, and bats his paw at the furry intruder.

When the cats won’t move, some dogs take matters into their own hands.
A few different pups try dragging their beds across the floor, hoping this will force the cat to leave. Hilariously, none of the cats will budge.

When nothing else works, some dogs take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. These pups curl up with the kitties, politely sharing their comfy bed.

Even when they’re sharing, the cats still take up most of the room on the bed!

This video shows that most cats believe that dogs have better beds than them. But, someone in the YouTube comments points out that cats don’t just steal dogs’ beds…

Cats love messing with dogs, and they’ve found one of the best ways to do that is to steal their beds. Check out the hilarious bed-stealing video below!

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