This Dog Has Sacrificed His Life To Do His Job…. Therefore He Deserved A formal Funeral! Heroes in the Line of Duty

News 167

Many people have been known to put their own life in jeopardy or harm’s way to save or rescue another from eminent danger. These people deserve the utmost respect and honor for their selfless acts of courage. Sometimes, these people give the ultimate sacrifice of their own life to save the life of another. There is no greater gift than giving your own life for that of another human being.
But there are other unsung heroes we often forget about, and their heroic deeds go unnoticed and forgotten. These heroes are dogs. Dogs have been known as man’s best friend and companion for hundreds of years. Dogs have incredible love, loyalty and compassion for their human counterparts, sometimes more than we could ever imagine.
The following story is an example of one such dog/hero who sacrificed his own life while answering the call of duty without a single thought or concern for his own safety or life.His commitment to duty and loyalty to his people meant more than his own life. He is deserving of our respect and even a formal celebration of his life and commitment to duty.
In Oklahoma City: This brave 3 year old Belgian German shepherd was killed in the line of duty.

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