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Dolphin Creates Sand Circle & Waits. Seconds Later Camera Captures Stunning Ocean Phenomenon

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t’s no secret that dolphins are intelligent creatures. They can learn tricks, communicate, and have a very friendly demeanor. Who doesn’t love a dolphin? Well, get ready to love them even more.

A Video Recently Surfaced That Shows Just How Smart These Mammals Really Are.
According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation:

“In the case of humans… rather than just passing on generic skills, each individual is able to educate others based upon their own experience. In this type of individual learning, we thought we were alone.

Source: Pixabay
We are not. Research and observations in recent years have revealed that whales and dolphins not only have the ability to learn as individuals, but those individuals can then pass their new knowledge onto others. This is a rare intelligence in the animal kingdom.”

Although Dolphins Are Extremely Friendly And Outgoing, Don’t Be Fooled – They Are Also Excellent Hunters.
Lots of times we see dolphins in captivity where trainers are feeding them by hand and rewarding them with fish for obeying a command. However, in the wild, this is obviously not the case – dolphins need to hunt for their food every day.

Source: Wikipedia
Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the fish, dolphins use their uncanny intelligence to help catch their food without much effort at all. Since dolphins are social creatures, families work together to catch as much food as possible with as little energy as possible.

In The Video, A Group Of Dolphins Is Seen Using A Method Of Fishing That Must Have Been Passed Down Through Generations.
A pod of dolphins is seen swimming in shallow waters when one breaks off and begins to display what one would first describe as “unusual behavior.” Swimming along the bottom of the ocean, the dolphin starts to use its tail to kick up sand creating a cloud of silt behind it.

Source: BBC Earth via YouTube
The dolphin swims in a nearly perfect circle and closes it off in a tight spiral. Soon, the other dolphins come racing over to enjoy their bounty. It’s just awe-inspiring to watch!

The Circle Of Sand And Silt Essentially Created A ‘Mud Net,’ Trapping Dozens Of Fish Inside. The Fish Would Try To Jump Out Over The Net And End Up In The Mouths Of Hungry Dolphins Instead.

Source: BBC Earth via YouTube
The hungry, happy dolphins position themselves on the outside of the sand ring with mouths wide open. In the video, their facial expressions make it look like they are almost smiling as they eat their delicious meal. What a proud accomplishment!

Source: BBC Earth via YouTube
Without using hardly any effort whatsoever, these six smart dolphins were able to have a lovely feast together. Just more evidence that dolphins are truly incredible creatures with excellent problem-solving skills.According to Dolphinaris, this technique is called ‘sheep-herding.’ ” To get their food, they usually hunt in a group through different techniques. One of them is a kind of “sheep-herding”, in which a group of dolphins circles a group of fish to get them together in one place while others start eating them in turns. That way, every dolphin gets to eat efficiently.”

Watch This Amazing And Phenomenal Display In The Video Below.
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