Drunk Guy Walks Up To Stranger And Throws A Punch. Finds Out He’s A Trained Fighter [video]

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John Hernholm has to a deal with a lot of punks during his job. He is a bouncer and must maintain law and order at his club. Often he watches drunk patrons throwing punches at each other and getting into fights over women and politics. But when one drunk punk turned his aggression toward the bouncer, who is also an MMA fighter, he learned the definition of stupid.

After the dumb guy got kicked out of the bar, he decided to take out his rage on Hernholm. Little did he know that he was getting into a fight that he had no hope of winning. But to the punk’s credit, he didn’t know that Hernholm has a 5-0 amateur and a 1-0 pro record. Watch the knockout punch below!
When the camera phone video starts, the punk has already ripped off his shirt and his strutting across the street toward the bouncer. He lifts his arms and shouts something clearly engaging the man in a fight.

Meanwhile, Hernholm maintains his cool. He tries to diffuse the situation. He looks at the guy and tries to scare him away with his stare.

But then the street punk gets closer – and a moment later he throws a wild punch that was way off the mark.

At this point, you can see Hernholm’s response. He moves his head – ever so subtly – as if to indicate that he now knows this guy wants to fight. And he isn’t going to bother going nice on a punk who is eager for a fight.

While Hernholm waits for the punk to throw the punch, he keeps his hands up and his stance agile.

Then the punk throws a weak little punch that Hernholm easily evades. Then the much-bigger fighter strikes back with a direct cross to the face. The punk collapses to the ground in a pile of wasted space.

As he writhes on the dirty ground, Hernholm makes sure the guy is subdued. He keeps him down and then locks on an underbody hold.

Toward the end, when a huge group has gathered to watch the punk receive his punishment, Hernholm is caught on camera chilling with his hand on the side of his head. It looks like he is sitting on his couch at home watching the latest MMA fight on television. He’s just so relaxed – meanwhile, the defeated punk is in pain.

Watch the video below, which was first uploaded on Adam “Prime Time” Townsend’s Facebook page. Millions have watched this clip and below are a few comments:

Kelly Harned wrote, “And he is going to miss out on the girl in the black dress…”

Robert Anderson wrote, “it was obvious what was gonna happen to the poor guy, lmao. telegraphed the hell outta that wild right!!”

“You could see that right hand coming from space! Dude telegraphed the hell out of that shit. Lol. No wonder he got KO’d” wrote Deejay Kiss.

What do you think about this fight? Did the punk ever stand a chance?

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