Elderly Couple Passed Away Together, And Heaven Gave A Sign. What?!

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They say love is the strongest bond of them all. In the case of Henry De Lange and his wife Jeanette, they took their bond all the way to heaven!

Jeanette and Henry had been married for a cool 63 years. When Jeanette developed Alzheimer’s, she started living in a nursing home. Henry would visit her every day. He was also battling cancer. The doctors said they couldn’t do much to stop it.

One day, Jeanette and Henry found themselves in the same room fighting for their dear lives at the nursing home. Jeanette passed away. The couple’s sons leaned on their dad and broke the news. Next, he passed away too, just a few minutes after his wife. When he did, the clock in the room stopped at exactly 5:30 p.m. A sigh from heaven?

Here’s a nice tribute to the loving couple.

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