Ellen Took A Rescued Dog To The Show As A Guest. What Followed Next Is More Than Cute!

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In 2003, a dog was saved from the streets. It was on a cold rainy and stormy day when some guys found him roaming the streets of Hollywood. Snorky jumped onto the back of their car, and that’s it!

He’s a smart and very happy dog. He loves kids and other dogs. Snorky has been living in a shelter run by Tia Torres, the founder of Pit Bulls and Parolees. On this day, he showed up for an “interview” on The Ellen Show aired on Animal Planet. What happened there is the pure cuteness!

Snorky loves treats, and he’ll stare at you till you give him some. Just watch how he manages to solicit for the treats over and over again. He’s smart!

Snorky is still waiting for someone to show up and give him a forever home.

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