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Family Rescues An Abandoned Puppy, Soon Realize It’s Not A Dog At All

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In Whitehorse, Canada a family came upon what they thought was a puppy over Easter weekend near Marsh Lake. However, it turns out that the small animal was not a puppy at all. The small creature that the family discovered was so young that its eyes were not even open yet. When the family saw it, they knew they had to rescue it because it would not be able to survive out in the wild on its own. It was so young, that it would not be able to find its own food or defend itself.

The man who found the small creature, Ralph Shopland, said that he just thought it was a dog as a result of default thinking. The family headed to social media to see if they could find some type of surrogate mom that would be able to act as a wet nurse for the creature. They did end up finding this and they took the small creature to the surrogate mom so that it could get the nourishment that it needed. However, within a few days, it became apparent that this was not a puppy at all.

Watch the video below to see the full story!

Yukon Wildlife Preserve officials also were not able to identify the animal at first. The Shopland family thought it might be either a baby wolverine or maybe even an otter. However, wildlife experts thought differently. They thought that the small creature might actually be a fox. When foxes are babies, the tips of their tails have a white marking and this is what this little creature had. However, they felt that it was best to give the baby animal a little time to get older to see if this would make it easier to distinguish the type of animal that it is.

In most cases, it is generally considered best to allow animals in the wild that appear to be abandoned alone. The thought is that the mama animal is likely close and will be back to give love and food to her baby. However, in this specific case, the family appears to have made the right choice because experts feel that mom was not going to come back. They believe that she was probably struck by a vehicle and now dead. This means that this baby creature was left in the wild to fend for itself.

This animal is expected to live a long and healthy life thanks to the family that took the time to rescue it. It is being cared for by experts and is taking well to a bottle. As of right now, the experts are still taking a wait and see approach concerning the type of animal that it is. Once they figure it out, they will surely update the story and let everyone know.

No matter what, the little guy or gal is definitely adorable. While it is sad that he or she no longer has a mom, there are plenty of humans stepping in to make sure that he or she has the love and nourishment needed to thrive.

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