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Farmer found an ancient artifact in his yard, then realizes what he’s actually looking at

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Spiders are often considered to be frightening animals and while many of us will take every available opportunity to squish them, they tend to be far less harmless than most people realize. They are a crucial part of the animal kingdom, but they do have a very icky appearance. However, those who have the ability to overlook their outward appearances are able to enjoy their true level of beauty.

The spider that one Chinese farmer recently found is a prime example of this and those who struggle to manage their fear when spiders come around may want to look somewhere else right now. This spider is particularly impressive, as they are a member of a species that has extremely limited documentation. Li Wenhua has captured this one on camera and the farmer has gone viral as a result of this decision.

When he first found the spider, the unique shape of the animal caused him to believe that it was actually some sort of cultural relic. Once he came to the realization of what the animal truly was, he brought the spider to visit the neighbors. They were unable to believe their eyes and while they were used to looking at various creatures of all kinds, this spider was truly a sight to behold.

This spider is what is known as a Chinese hourglass spider and when Zhao Li (who just so happens to be the head of the Insect Museum of West China) took a closer look, this finding was confirmed. This is one of the first spiders to ever be documented in the nation of China and this type of spider has only be seen six times since the turn of the century.

As a result of their scarcity, these spiders are considered to have a great deal of value when it comes to scientific research. The earliest evidence of the spider can be found within the single oldest surviving dictionary and this dictionary was published sometime between the years of 2 B.C.E. and 5 B.C.E.

The farmer has decided that he will allow the spider to remain alive in the meantime and he is currently hunting for a buyer who can provide him with commiserate value for the arachnid. While this spider might look vastly different from all of the others, it still functions in much the same way. This is an astonishing moment for scientific observers everywhere and this is an amazing story that certainly needs to be shared.

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