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Firefighter Saves Pit Bull From Fire, But Watch What Happens 5 Months Later…

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There’s a Southern saying that “He’s never met a stranger.”

Firefighters are some of the most important and courageous members of our society. Not only do they risk their own lives, but they are responsible for heroically saving the lives of others.

And while not all of their duties are life-or-death — as with these firefighters who created an American flag out of an old fire hose — much of their work is both serious and important.

This is the truth for a dog-turned-firefighter in Hanahan, South Carolina.

Jake was only a 3 week-old puppy when he was rescued from a burning shed by Bill Lindler, a firefighter from the local fire department. With 50 to 75 percent of his body covered in burns, Jake had a rough beginning and an unpredictable future.

But, Bill decided to adopt Jake because he found so much value in everything Jake been through. “I knew this little guy was gonna need a good little lovin’ home,” Bill shares.

From this, Jake and Bill developed an inseparable bond. “You’re not going to get ‘em apart for too long before he starts barking,” a firefighter comments. A friendship takes effort to make, but a best friendship takes intentional time and dedication to grow.

Soon after Jake’s treatments were completed, Bill brought the young Pitbull to the fire department.

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Source: Puppy nearly dies in house fire, becomes firefighter himself! by HeartwarmingAnimals on Rumble

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