He Focuses Camera On Her New Tattoo, Now Pay Attention Closely As She Shrugs Shoulders [video]

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Long the sole pastime of motorcycle gangs and sailors, the tattoo is now considered to be a fairly respectable form of self-expression for both artists and the people who seek them out. In fact, it is rare today to see someone who has not gotten inked at some point. And the reasons why people get tattoos range from youthful indiscretion to the sublime.

Well, we just found a video of an anonymous woman who has an amazing tattoo of the mythological phoenix on her back. And when she shrugs her shoulders, you are not going to believe what happens. If you love tattoos then you are going to go insane for this video when you watch it.

Tattoos have been part of many cultures throughout the history of humanity. They almost always began as a way of marking a rite of passage, and then grew into an artistic form. In the 1990’s, body art entered the mainstream of American culture. Today tattoo artists are just as likely to have exhibits in art galleries as their more classical artistic peers.

But many tattoos are still inked as a way of communicating something about the person who wears it, and we thought it would be neat to look at what some common tattoos symbolize.

The phases of the moon have a number of meanings for different people., and it is a very popular subject for tattoos. It can represent the ever changing nature of life through the constant changing of the moon. It can also represent a cyclical nature; just as the moon phases in circles, time, karma, and life also revolves in a circular motion.

Symbols from the classical greek alphabet, such as the Inguz, can also have important meanings. With this particular symbol, the meaning can be summed up as “Where there is a will, there is a way.” People who opt for this tattoo like to be reminded of the power of their own dreams and will in achieving the life they want.

Lotus flowers have long been seen as a symbol of resilience and the achievement of enlightenment. The flower grows in muddy waters and still pushes through the surface to present a beautiful flower. People who get this tattoo may be encouraging themselves to persevere.

It used to be that getting an anchor tattoo just meant you were a sailor or marine. And it was usually accompanied by another tattoo of a Polynesian hula girl. But it has taken on new meaning as a symbol of someone close to you who you think of as providing you with strength.

If you’re familiar with the practice of yoga, you know that the incantation of “Ohm,” is said as a mantra to channel intense spiritual and creative powers. This symbol for “Ohm” represents four different states of consciousness and illusion: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya) and world of illusion (maya).

Another ancient symbol becoming popular with people is the Glyph tattoo. The term “glyph” is short for “hieroglyphics,” the form of writing used by the ancient Egyptians. This means of writing was done through a vast series of symbols that carried various meanings. This glyph, which looks like a capped mountain, means “exploration.” This is the perfect tiny tattoo for anyone with a little wanderlust.

Do you have any body art? Share the story of why and how you got inked with us here.

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