Four Boys Perform Song At Church – Boy In Vest Has Crowd In Stitches When He Starts To Sing

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A Christmas performance took a funny turn after a group of four young boys took the stage.

The kids, who were all nicely dressed for their performance, took the stage while holding their microphones to sing a Christmas gospel song. Three of them were dressed in white shirts with black pants and a nice tie, and the fourth young man had a black vest on. The stage was filled with blue and green ornaments, as well as a Christmas tree.

The audience, who had no idea what they were to perform, were in for a hilarious surprise. They were all expecting a traditional gospel song like the ones they were used to hearing during church.

The kids arrived on stage with gigantic smiles on their faces.

They knew what was going to happen, and they knew that the audience had no idea. The music started to play, and the audience directly knew that this wasn’t going to be a quartet just like the others. The audience was going to be treated to a special Christmas performance they would not forget anytime soon.

It was clear that the four boys were having some trouble with their voices, even though they did their best to keep up with the song. But it wasn’t until the young boy in the vest was put in the spotlight that the audience lost it in laughter. His voice was so low compared to the other three guys that he gave the audience a nice and unexpected surprise.

With every second that passed, the laughter became louder.

The kid had a few tricks up his sleeve and grew funnier by the second. He was able to entertain the crowd, and he set a delightful and positive mood in the church.

The kids were having an incredible amount of fun on stage, and the audience was very happy with the Christmas performance. They took a regular quartet and turned it into an entire comedic performance, bringing Christmas cheer in an entirely unique way.

This group of awesome kids stole the show with their charming personalities and charisma.

The video, who was posted on YouTube by Carmen Lais, even reached over 2 million views. Lais posted the video with the caption:

“Hey gang… if you have ever sung in a Gospel Quartet or just enjoyed them, this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time..”

Viewers of the YouTube video were amused by the singing quartet, and a lot of them had some very nice words to say about the children and their performance.

“Who says there is no longer clean humor that’s hilarious nowadays?. These kids are great. Made my day,” said one viewer.

“This is absolutely HILARIOUS! These kids did an outstanding job! Thanks for making my day! God absolutely has a sense of humor and I think He loves it when his people laugh a little, esp. at ourselves,” said another.

“This is awesome!! Would love to see it in person! The kid ‘singing’ bass stole the show!!” added another viewer.

The video received over 800 comments from people thanking the children for providing them with a good laugh. A lot of them were having a bad day, but the video of these four kids enjoying themselves and entertaining the audience at the church definitely made their day better.

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